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Geostats 2024

First held in Frascati, Italy, in 1975, the International Geostatistics Congress has become the leading scientific forum for the theory and practice of geostatistics. The next in this series, held every four years, will be held in Toronto, Canada, from August 17th to 21st in 2020.

... Aaargh!!! ...

We now find ourselves a world that no-one could have predicted two months ago ... which makes it hard to make any confident prediction about what will happen two months from now. It is now exceedingly unlikely that international air travel will have returned to anything close to "normal" by July, which will make it impossible for most to make the necessary arrangements for attending a conference in Toronto in August.

​We have rescheduled the conference to the week of July 12th to 16th in 2021. We'll still call in "Geostats2020" (because we're stubborn). 

Every abstract that was accepted for submission in February 2020 will be accepted for submission when the conference runs in July 2021. In the fall of 2020, we will be contacting the corresponding author of each accepted abstract to find out if they would like to make the presentation they initially proposed. We expect that some of the proposed papers will be withdrawn, either because the topic is stale, or because it has been submitted elsewhere, or because the author(s) are more enthusiastic about a different topic. There will be a new call for abstracts in the fall of 2020 to fill the spaces left empty by presentations that have been withdrawn. A new timeline for the call for new abstracts and the submission deadline will be announced shortly.